About Me

I am Rachael by name and known by my friends (male and female) as “booty” because of massive endowment at the back and front although average. I had my formal education in the highly respectable institutions in my town here. I stopped living under my parents at age 19 when I got a job that was paying me well. And since then, I have been exposed to the real world of adulthood. Contrary to the traditional favorite color of other ladies, mine is black. Oh my God, I am so obsessed with that colour and it is why ninety percent of my outfits are in black in colour especially my sexy gowns that bring my curves, edges and hips out very well when worn.

I had my first sex with my boss

I was no longer a virgin as of then but my virginity was not taken away from me, I took it by myself and I enjoyed every bit of it back then in college. My boss and I will fuck until late hours because I was his assistant and more of personal before I got a better job of higher pay where I met Joseph.

Joseph was a great guy every lady would have loved to be in love with, we had sex on our first date at his apartment where I had sex for the first time on a bed because most of the adventures with my boss were either inside the elevator, on my table when everyone was gone or in the toilet of his office when people are around and even sometimes on his table or his office couch. The first sex with Joseph was heavenly, he fucked me with ease and confidence and I fell deeper in love with him because of that adventure.

We had series of adventures but not knowing our love will not last. If sex was to determine the longevity of a relationship, then ours should have been eternal, but it was the other way round as he suddenly came up with a confession that he was gay. The confession felt like I was slammed with a sledge hammer but shit happens and life continues. I continued with my life while respecting his new personality. His interest spur a curiosity in me as you will get to see in my story. The curiosity was simply about homosexual and what could have convinced Joseph to prefer an anus to my pussy. I held onto the curiosity while I continued with my life. Just then, David came closer into my life and in my vulnerability, I forced him into fucking me the first time and subsequently, he took over the mantle and we fucked like we both have never fucked before.

Win-win situation for the two of us

David came into my life and almost erased every memory of Joseph with monstrous dick. We fucked at interval, reason because we stayed almost in the same area. We became close at work and our closeness grew the more because of the constant sex, I used him and he also used me, so it was a win-win situation for the two of us, meanwhile we had an agreement never to involve love. Thoughts of joseph will not leave my memory still and daily it further increased my curiosity about why he will choose to turn gay. I was on my way back from work one day when I decided to by seven different DVDs on homosexual, perhaps they will give me insight into why he will something of such to me, it is the review of them you are about read.